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Allow our dedicated team to support you in the decision of wiring your new construction home or your home projects.  No job is too small.  Call us today to schedule your free, no obligation quote.

Residential Construction

At Liberty Electric, we're focused on your residential electrical needs -- both large and small projects.  Our realm of work consists of wiring of new construction homes and remodels in the Santa Rosa and Escambia county areas.  We work with many local build-on-your-lot Building Contractors as well as individuals who have decided to build or remodel their homes.  We've wired homes as small as 600 square feet to those as large as 10,000 square feet -- some in the majestic, remote areas of the northern end of the counties to the beautiful Emerald Coast beaches.  Wherever you choose to build, know that you can count on us to make your dreams a reality.​


Residential Outdoor Projects

Many Floridians love the outdoors and have projects that require outdoor electrical work.  Our skilled foremen and electricians will work together with homeowners to complete those designed plans.

From wiring of shops, sheds, outdoor kitchens, landscape lighting, RV hook ups, just to name a few -- we have years of experience in bringing those thoughts to life.  

Residential Dock Projects

Liberty Electric specializes in residential dock projects.  These include new dock wirings, dock houses, lighting, switches, boat lifts, wave runner lifts, and hurricane damaged docks.  

We have an experienced team dedicated to these dock projects.  Liberty Electric will work with homeowners who live on the water in making docks easier to navigate with convenient switches, vast lighting, and easy-to-control lifts.


Residential Indoor Projects

We see new lighting upgrade projects all the time.  Today, there are so many unique lights to fit your style.  We can add flush mounts, can lights, chandeliers -- what you desire is our goal.

If you're undecided, but know you want something new, our team can help!  We have seen thousands of different "ideas" come to life and will be happy to work with homeowners to pave an avenue to your indoor ambitions.

Generator Hookups

Living in Florida guarantees that you'll experience major and minor hurricanes.  The season runs from June 1st through November 30th each year.  But, how can we help?

We can install a whole house generator or portable generator for residential homeowners.  Both of these are a great way to provide power to some or all of your home while power is out.  These are undeniably a great investment for all Floridians.


New Construction Wiring

Everyday​, our teams work on the wiring of new construction homes.  Once each phase is completed, our foremen will thoroughly check the site to ensure the work is up to Liberty standards.


Our Liberty crews take pride in keeping the job tidy and the work professional -- from beginning to end.  It's gratifying for us to see how the lighting throughout the home comes to life to make for a cozy place for the new homeowner.


We understand that there's no place like home and pride ourselves in wiring your home the same way we'd wire our own. 

Private Residential Pools/Spas 

Swimming pools, hot tubs, spas -- we wire them all!  Liberty Electric wires both in-ground and above ground new construction swimming pools.  We can install lighting in and around your backyard oasis.

Keep us in mind if you or someone you know is in need of wiring for any of these residential structures.

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